Wet Rooms

Wet Rooms are the ideal solution for the disabled or those with reduced mobility. A disabled wet room allows completely level access and is more spacious than an enclosed shower tray. Wet rooms are not just for the disabled, they offer a very modern alternative to the standard enclosed shower tray, and are rapidly becoming the “must have” accessory in contemporary bathroom design.

What is a Wet Room?

A wet room bathroom is characterized by having a shower area that is completely level with the existing floor. A wet room area can be introduced into most bathrooms, by simply sloping the floor towards a special drainage point. The floor must then be either tiled or covered in a special slip resistant flooring.

The Bathezy Range of Wet Rooms

At Bathezy we have a range of wet rooms to suit all individual requirements. Whether you want a single screen, dual screen or fully enclosed wet room shower you can be sure that we can help. Below is a selection of our most popular wet rooms:

Freedom Wetroom | Wet Room

The Freedom Wet Room

The Freedom wet room shower is a stylish contemporary wetroom designed to replace your existing bath. The use of a single glass screen adds a touch of beauty to what is an effective solution for the less able. The simple lines and easy access combined with the sleek look makes this an adaptation to be proud of.

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Level Best Wetroom | Wet Room

The Level Best Wet Room

Stylish and modern, The Level Best is one of our most popular layouts. Customers appreciate the fact that a wet room installed to help with access problems, can still look good whilst incorporating all of the practical solutions necessary for getting you in and out of the showering area safely.

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Freespace Wet Room | Wetroom

The Freespace Wet Room

A beautiful contemporary wet room shower designed for use by the whole family; those who can shower by themselves and those who require assistance. This full enclosure wetroom is ideal for those that prefer to have a clearly defined showering area.The Freespace range of showers are unique & stylish, whilst enabling everyone to enjoy the benefits of a wet room shower area.

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Aquaspace Wet room | Wetroom

The Aquaspace Wet Room

The Aquaspace is one of the most luxurious wet Room showers available, providing the maximum showering area whilst using the minimum footprint. It's innovative curved glass panels maximise the showering area and can be fitted in either corner, or even an alcove.The no-door access and completely level entry ensures the Aquaspace wet room is fully accessible to all.

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Empress Wetroom | wet Room

The Empress Wet Room

The Empress Wet Room shower range offers the perfect combination of complete user accessibility whilst retaining a very contemporary and stylish design. Entering and exiting the shower couldn't be easier thanks to the completely level, barrier free shower access, slip resistant flooring, and the no-door walk in entry.

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